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What happened to Le Parker Meridien?

What happened to Le Parker Meridien?

It was announced that Le Parker Meridien New York and Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs will be leaving Starwood as of January 4, 2018. As of then they’re dropping their “Le Meridien” branding, and will instead just be known as Parker New York and Parker Palm Springs.

Who owns the Parker meridian?

GFI Capital Resources Group
Real estate developer GFI Capital Resources Group and investment firm Elliott Management Corp. have acquired The Parker New York. Media reports have estimated the deal at around $420 million.

Who owns Parker hotel New York?

GFI Capital
Fund manager Elliott Management Corporation and hotel developer GFI Capital acquired the Parker New York from the Jack Parker Corporation for $420 million in a deal which closed on Jan. 24.

What happened to the burger joint?

Burger Kitchen closed in February 2012. There was a for lease sign at the restaurant in mid January and the restaurant was shuttered in February. Jaffaa Middle Eastern restaurant is now in it’s place. Alan Saffron died in April 2020.

Who was the original developer of Le Parker Meridien?

The original developer of Le Parker Meridien was the Jack Parker Corporation, which ran the hotel as part of Air France ‘s Le Méridien hotel chain.

Where does the hotel brand Le Meridien come from?

Le Méridien is an upscale, design-focused international hotel brand with a European perspective, formerly headquartered in France and in the United Kingdom.

When was Le Meridien acquired by Lehman Brothers?

In December 2003, Lehman Brothers Holdings acquired the senior debt of Le Méridien. On November 24, 2005, the Le Méridien brand and management fee business was acquired by Starwood Capital Group.

When was Le Meridien merged with Compass Group?

The 2000 merger of Forte and caterer Compass Group, and demerger within a year, passed the Forte Hotels division’s three remaining brands (Le Méridien, Heritage Hotels and Posthouse Forte) to Compass.