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What happened Nadeko Medusa?

What happened Nadeko Medusa?

Nadeko was later taken by Koyomi and Suruga to the Araragi residence for some questions. There, she reveals that she was put under a curse, more specifically the jagirinawa (蛇切綯), and was going to die if the curse is not lifted soon.

Who is the girl in Renai circulation?

Kana Hanazawa
It was performed by Kana Hanazawa, who voices Nadeko Sengoku.

Who cursed Nadeko?

Nadeko Snake As a result of the swindles of Deishuu Kaiki at Nanahyakuichi Public Middle School, a classmate placed a curse on Nadeko Sengoku when she turned down a love confession. The curse caused the oddity to manifest onto her body.

When is Nadeko Medusa Part 4 coming out?

“Nadeko Medusa, Part 4” (なでこメドゥーサ 其ノ肆, Nadeko Medusa Sono Yon) is the fifteenth episode of Monogatari Series Second Season and the last episode that adapts the Nadeko Medusa arc in Otorimonogatari. It was broadcast on October 12, 2013. Nadeko Sengoku reaches breaking point and becomes a snake god before Shinobu Oshino and Koyomi Araragi.

What kind of Harpoon does Nadeko Medusa use?

Immediately, Nadeko’s eyes burn red and her hair turns into countless white snakes that quickly overwhelmed Shinobu. Then, as Nadeko becomes filled with rage, she summons a needle-like harpoon and stabs Koyomi many times.

What’s the name of the snake in Nadeko Medusa?

In the midst of this is an unusual meeting with another snake-like entity. In the midst of the pouring rain outside, Nadeko Sengoku, who for some reason has white hair and red eyes, is taking shelter under the floor of a shrine.

How is Nadeshiko treated in Sengoku Nadeko Snake?

In “Nadeko Snake,” Nadeko is highly sexualized and objectified to the point where treated more like a poster or a toy than an actual human being. In the anime’s universe, this was “justified” (she needed to wear revealing clothes so that Araragi could clearly see the snake marks on her skin).