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What happened at the end of backdraft?

What happened at the end of backdraft?

Stephen lands on the lower catwalk, but Adcox dies when he falls into fire. Stephen dies with Brian by his side on the way to the hospital, with his final request being that Brian must not reveal Adcox to be the perpetrator so as not to hurt the fire department’s reputation.

Who dies in the end of backdraft?

Share: Brian (William Baldwin) manages to figure out that Adcox (Scott Glenn), a firefighter who was like an uncle to Brian and his brother Stephen (Kurt Russell) when their father died is the one responsible for the backdraft fires that killed the three associates of city alderman Swayzak (J.T. Walsh).

What happened to Tim in backdraft?

Brian’s friend and fellow “probationary fireman” trainee Tim Krizminski, under Stephen’s wing, accidentally opens a door only to be met by a backdraft. His face is burned beyond recognition, but he survives.

What happens backdraft?

A backdraft (North American English) or backdraught (British English) is a rapid or explosive burning of superheated gasses in a fire, caused when oxygen rapidly enters an oxygen-depleted environment; for example, when a window or door to an enclosed space is opened or broken.

Who are the brothers in the movie Backdraft?

Despite Stephen’s (Kurt Russell) warning, Tim (Jason Gedrick) gets burned by a backdraft and taken away on a stretcher. The sons of a Chicago fireman who gave his life in the performance of his duties, firefighting brothers Kurt Russell and William Baldwin carry their lifelong sibling rivalry into their work.

Who is Robert DeNiro in the movie Backdraft?

Baldwin is transferred to a “safe” assignment, assisting arson investigator Robert DeNiro, who is trying to make sense of a series of fires involving an oxygen-induced ball of fire called a backdraft. The investigation reveals a link between corrupt alderman J. T. Walsh and imprisoned pyromaniac Donald Sutherland.

Where was the movie Backdraft filmed in Chicago?

The Building In The First Screen Shot Is On The Southwest Corner Of S. Paulina Street And W. 43rd Street. The Building That Has A Long Green Roof Seen Between The Brothers Is Located On S. Paulina Street About Five Houses Down From The Corner Building)

Where was the locker room scene in Backdraft filmed?

Locker room scenes were shot on the second floor of an unused firehouse at 14th and Michigan in Chicago. It is now the Chicago Firehouse restaurant. The party boat with Swayzak was The Spirit of Chicago which is berthed at Navy Pier.