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What guitar does Roger Hodgson play?

What guitar does Roger Hodgson play?

IMMusicRulz Strat-Talker This was the primary electric guitar Roger Hodgson played in Supertramp. If I remember correctly he received as a gift as a teenager when his parents divorced. This was probably the only electric guitar he played on Supertramp albums.

Is Roger Hodgson a good guitarist?

I think he is a very good guitarist. You forgot Goodbye Stranger (at 4:40): and also the riffs he played live on Rudy. Unfortunately he stopped playing guitar solos after he broke both his ankles in the mid 80’s (86 or 87).

Who is Roger Hodgson’s wife?

“Rites of Passage” was conceived, funded and produced by Karuna, Hodgson’s wife of 19 years. “The album was really her brainchild,” said Hodgson, a native of Portsmouth, England.

Who plays saxophone for Roger Hodgson?

Aaron Macdonald
His saxophone player of 10 years, Aaron Macdonald, is from London, Ontario. Macdonald said he felt like the “luckiest man alive” to have the opportunity to tour with Hodgson. To the audience’s delight, Macdonald also dazzled on harmonica solos in “Take the Long Way Home.”

How old was Roger Hodgson when he got his first guitar?

Hodgson’s first guitar, given to him when he was 12, was a parting gift from his father when his parents divorced. He took it to boarding school with him, where his teacher taught him three chords. He began composing his own music and lyrics and within a year gave his first concert at school with nine original songs at the age of 13.

What kind of songs did Roger Hodgson write?

Though all the above songs that Roger recorded with Supertramp were credited equally Hodgson/Davies, that does not reflect how it really was. Roger actually wrote his songs while he was alone and many of his biggest hits were songs he had written before he met Rick and co-founded the band.

What kind of voice does Roger Hodgson have?

A true touch of magic!” “Throughout the show it was remarkable that Hodgson’s voice has lost nothing since those days thirty years ago when he was lead singer for Supertramp. His voice actually has greater inflection and expressiveness these days and he used both of those to great effect throughout the evening.” “Beautiful.

Where did Roger Hodgson record rites of passage?

After a long break, Hodgson launched into his first tour in over ten years, and released 1997’s Rites of Passage to document the tour. The live album was recorded at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City, California. He performed with a full band that included his son Andrew and Supertramp sax player John Helliwell.