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What ethnicity is Amir Khans wife?

What ethnicity is Amir Khans wife?

Pakistani-American Faryal, 27, was born in Brooklyn – her father Shaukat and mother Zia have a luxury home on Staten Island.

What nationality is Faryal?

Faryal Makhdoom/Nationality

How old is Faryal Khan?

30 years (July 27, 1991)
Faryal Makhdoom/Age

Who cheated with Amir?

During their most troubled period, when they split, Amir falsely accused Faryal of cheating on him with boxer Anthony Joshua. “We’ve been through hell and back,” admits Faryal.


What did Faryal Khan post on her Instagram?

Faryal Khan, 25, posted the image to thousands of followers in April asking what they thought of her new peroxide silvery blonde hair. But a friend close to Amir’s parents, who have previously slammed his wife for wearing un-Islamic clothes and no headscarf, were unhappy with the amount of flesh on show.

What did Faryal Khan’s father say about Amir Khan?

The millionaire model too to social medic to say her marriage to the British boxing star, 30, will be ’till death do us part’. Bitter row: Khan’s father Sajjad, pictured left, hit back in the war of word’s with the boxer’s wife Falak and said she was pushing his son to the limit.

How old was Faryal Khan when she got married?

In 2013 they were married. The 30-year-old married heiress Faryal in a lavish wedding at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel which was reported to have cost £1million. The couple – who also spent £150,000 on an engagement party – this year splashed £100,000 on their daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

How old is Faryal Makhdoom from the khans?

The 29-year-old, who is of American-Pakistani nationality, was originally born in Brooklyn, New York. She has a net worth of £100,000, with double majors in political science and journalism, and the owner of make-up brand Faryal Cosmetics.