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What does GMB union stand for?

What does GMB union stand for?

Britain’s General Union
FTAT the Furniture, Timber, and Allied Trades Union merged with the GMB in 1993. FTAT can trace its origin back to 1747 and the formation of the National Society of Brushmakers and General Workers. Altogether over 100 smaller unions have joined together to form the modern GMB – Britain’s General Union.

Who does GMB union represent?

all workers
GMB is a trade union that represents all workers. We have over 500,000 members who work in every type of job imaginable across public services and in private companies too. Our members work in full-time jobs, part-time jobs or are working while they study.

How much is GMB union membership?

It’s £14.57 per month. If you work 20hrs or fewer a week it’s £8.40. Work in a school? Please check current rates with your local office.

How do I contact my GMB union?

General information and contact details If you have a general query and would like to get in touch please contact [email protected]. Alternatively, you can call our GMB Hendon Office on 020 8202 8272. If you have yet to join GMB and would like to do so, you can join online at www.gmb.org.uk/join.


Is the GMB trade union on Your Side?

GMB Union. On your side. GMB is the trade union for everyone. Our family includes over 620,000 working people in all jobs and all walks of life.

Is the UnionLine law firm owned by GMB?

Unionline is your law firm – owned by GMB for GMB members. It’s an added and unique benefit of your GMB membership. One of the main benefits is that if you make a personal injury claim and win – because we’re not trying to make profits for shareholders – you keep 100% of your compensation.

Who is the leader of the GMB Union in Ireland?

In Ireland, GMB is affiliated to the Irish Labour Party. While in the 2015 Labour Leadership Election GMB didn’t endorse a candidate, in the 2016 Labour Leadership Election, the union endorsed Owen Smith against incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn .

Who are the members of the GMB Union against Uber?

The law firm Leigh Day started the legal action against Uber on behalf of 25 members of the GMB union, which initially included Mr Farrar and Mr Aslam, although the two pursued this latest case with a different union, the Independent Worker’s Union of Great Britain.