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What does CEDA do in Botswana?

What does CEDA do in Botswana?

The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) was established by the Government of the Republic of Botswana to provide financial and technical support for business development with a view to promote viable and sustainable citizen owned business enterprises.

How do I apply for CEDA funding?

To apply for a loan from CEDA you are required to complete a CEDA loan application form and business plan form. You may prepare a separate business plan which should be submitted together with a completed loan application form.

How does CEDA help?

CEDA’s primary mandate is to support the development of the SMME sector through debt and equity financing as well as provision of relevant training and mentoring services that enable capacity building. These are aimed at supporting growth and stability of an entrepreneurial culture within Botswana.

How does CEDA help small businesses?

CEDA will provide financial assistance in the form of loans at subsidized interest rates. CEDA will, through the equity component, provide risk capital to citizen owned projects and joint ventures between citizens and foreigners and to buy into existing businesses.

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What can a CEDA loan be used for?

CEDA offers loans towards the development or acquisition of real estate, specifically for commercial/industrial

What makes CEDA a good place to work?

Safety is one of our core values and nothing matters more than our people returning home safe from work every day. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or looking for your next opportunity, an exciting career awaits you at CEDA.

What are the core values of home CEDA?

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