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What does a wellness champion do?

What does a wellness champion do?

Wellbeing Champions support, lead, and/or implement a wellness program or initiative in their workplace to achieve the larger department and university mission of creating a healthy, inclusive, and engaging work environment.

What is a workplace health champion?

Workplace health champions are members of staff who promote health and wellbeing within their organisation, working closely with management, HR, and employees to develop health and wellbeing initiatives. They would be someone in the workplace who: has an enthusiasm and interest in health and wellbeing.

How do you recruit wellness champions?

Ultimately, the most effective way to recruit wellness champions is to:

  1. Find employees who are already super engaged with your wellness program,
  2. Identify great leaders/managers throughout your organization,
  3. Seek out role models in the company who are enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle.

Why are wellness Champions important to your wellness team?

Wellness champions have a vested interest in achieving personal health and well-being as well as encouraging their colleagues to be healthier and well. Volunteering for this role affords them opportunities to impact their personal wellness and the wellness of their colleagues.

How are wellbeing champions used in the workplace?

Using wellbeing champions as ambassadors of health benefits in the workplace and healthy behaviour in general can be more cost effective than training all staff at once. That means training the champions to pass on the message to the other employees.

What does it mean to be a Wellness Champion?

A wellness champion network is a group of employees who work to improve the health and culture of the workplace in conjunction with an employer-sponsored wellness program. By socially connecting with others and helping to educate their co-workers about program offerings, wellness champions strive to achieve this shared goal.

How many wellness champions are there in the US?

Employers are recognizing the potential impact of the social influence of wellness champions. Wellness champions generally volunteer for this role; it is not part of their paid position. And a company can have a handful of champions or it can have hundreds, depending on the company size and number of locations.

How many champions should I have in my workplace?

Though there is no clear evidence to indicate what constitutes an optimal number of champions, experienced wellness practitioners often recommend setting a target of a representative 1 percent of your workplace population to serve as champions.