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What Chinese stamps are valuable?

What Chinese stamps are valuable?

The Most Valuable and Rare Stamps of China

  • Red Stamp of 1969. Price Realized: $1,860,000.
  • Red Revenue. Price Realized: $889,500.
  • Surcharge Invert. Price Realized: $276,000.
  • 3-Cent Red Revenue Stamp. Price Realized: $222,600.
  • Blue-Green Surcharge Invert.
  • Classics Inverted Stamp.
  • Sun Yat-Sen Stamp.
  • Red Revenue Unsurcharged Stamp.

What are the most valuable Chinese stamps?

Most valuable Chinese stamps

  • $2,000,000. The Whole Country is Red stamp, 1968.
  • $933,000. 10¢-on-9-candareen dark green stamp, 1897.
  • $878,908. Red revenue large figures surcharge $1 on 3c stamp, 1897.
  • $820,000. Olive-colored Queen Victoria’s Head, 1864.
  • $463,000. 5 cash Elephant Essay, 1878.
  • $444,477.
  • $428,654.
  • $305,707.

Where can I sell my Chinese stamps?

You could try to sell your inherited Chinese stamp collection on eBay. eBay is more cost effective than using a traditional auction house. The seller premium is lower (around 15%). There are good online auction houses that specialize in selling stamps on eBay: the two best known are NYStamps and CKStamps.

Are there any old postage stamps from China?

China 1960 S44. Chrysanthemums. Sc#543//558. (4f -35f).12 Used. CTO. 1947 China 2nd Peking Central print SYS set for North-East Provinces. 1882 IMPERIAL CHINA SC# 6 : LARGE DRAGON 5c Thin – Price Reduced~10% off!

When did China stop using Latin letters on stamps?

Chinese postage stamps issued before 1992 didnt include the countrys name in Latin letters on it. The Universal Postal Union requires this. Newer stamps that read the word China in all uppercase letters are referred to as UPU stamps for this reason.

What’s the price of a 1894 Chinese stamp?

1894 China Qing Empire, 3c Dowager Commemoration, MH, CV$57.50, #18. Collecting Chinese stamps is an extremely interesting aspect of philately. Stamps released by the Chinese have changed drastically over the last century, and the PRC continues to issue many types of colorful stamps.

What was the stamp of Peng lai in 1960?

Fairytale Island of Peng Lai, Top 1960 China Mi. no 542 Stamped 8 F Fish: Purple Helmets. 1960 China Mi. no 544 Stamped 8 F Fish: rotweißes Dragon Eye. Peoples Republic of China Se-Tenant Strip # 1453-1457. ( 1978 ). 1960 China Mi. no 537 Stamped 4 F Fish: Red tiegerkopf. Chiina Scott #35, FEB 10, 97 cancel.