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What camera did they use to film Interstellar?

What camera did they use to film Interstellar?

Imax MSM 9802 Camera
The movie Interstellar, released in 2014 and directed by Christopher Nolan, was shot on film using Imax MSM 9802 Camera, Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2 Camera and Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lenses, Panavision E Series Anamorphic Lenses with Hoyte Van Hoytema as cinematographer and editing was done on the Avid …

Is Interstellar a long movie?

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is 169 minutes in length, that is 2.8 hours with credits — Nolan’s longest film to date. While Interstellar’s 169 minute running time is his longest film to date, its only a few minutes longer than his last film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Was green screen used in Interstellar?

As for CGI, no green screen was used during the making of Interstellar. Miniatures of the three spacecrafts (The Endurance, The Ranger, and The Lander) were used & over 150 miniature shots were developed by New Deal Studios in L.A. They were shot with real exposure ratios under realistic lighting conditions.

When does the movie Interstellar come out in theaters?

Interstellar was released early on November 4 in various 70 mm IMAX film, 70 mm film and 35 mm film theaters, and had a limited release in North America (United States and Canada) on November 5, with a wide release on November 7.

Why did they decide to make the movie Interstellar?

Interstellar is a reaction to a decline in the U.S. space program. During the early stages of the film’s production, the future of space travel looked bleak. America was cutting back its space program, and it seemed like interest in space was dwindling.

How did Christopher Nolan film Interstellar without using green screen?

Christopher Nolan Shows How He Filmed Interstellar Without Using Green Screen. It is a fact that Christopher Nolan is an amazing filmmaker, but shooting a movie about space without either going to space or using green screen is quite the feat.

What are the technical specifications of interstellar?

Technical Specifications Runtime 2 hr 49 min (169 min) Sound Mix Datasat | Dolby Digital | IMAX 6-Track | Color Color (FotoKem) Aspect Ratio 1.43 : 1 (IMAX 70 mm: some scenes) 1.78 Camera Beaumont VistaVision Camera, Leica Lense