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What are the elements of Charter in Six Sigma?

What are the elements of Charter in Six Sigma?

7 Elements of the Six Sigma Project Charter

  • Business Case.
  • Problem / Opportunity Statement.
  • Goals / Projected Benefits.
  • Goal statement.
  • Project Scope.
  • Project Plan.
  • Team Structure.

What is Six Sigma Project Charter and its different elements?

These four elements are included in the project charter document in addition to the main project charter document sections: business case, problem statement, goals, goal statement, project scope, project plan, and team structure.

What are the elements of a Project Charter?

The project charter includes the following:

  • Business Case.
  • Project Selection.
  • Project Purpose or Justification.
  • Measurable Project Objectives and related success criteria.
  • High-level Requirements.
  • Assumptions and constraints.
  • High-level Project description and boundaries.
  • High-level risks.

What is the Project Charter in a Six Sigma project?

The project charter is the first step and one of the most important parts of any Six Sigma project. The document provides an overview of the project and serves as an agreement between management and the Six Sigma team regarding the expected project outcome.

What are the elements of the Six Sigma project?

In this article, we will focus on the first element of the Six Sigma approach – Six Sigma Define Phase – and the most important document in this stage: Six Sigma project charter. The official authorization for the project is summarized in a document called the Six Sigma project charter. There are 7 elements of the Six Sigma Project Charter.

How to prepare the Six Sigma project charter?

The Six Sigma project charter, though a simple document, requires significant preparation time. To draft the Six Sigma project charter in the right manner, the project team should be well-versed with each element. Let us have a look at each element to understand it better.

What does team structure mean in Six Sigma?

The team structure refers to project resources. Normally, the resources are Project Managers, Leaders and Project Team Members who are involved in the project. And now you know all the elements of the Six Sigma project charter!

Which is the third element of the project charter document?

The third element of the project charter document is Cost/Benefit Analysis. Let us first have a look at what cost/benefit analysis is. It is an important management tool that helps understand if and when net cash Six Sigma project benefits are equal to or begin to outweigh the net costs or outflows of the Six Sigma project.