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What are spuds used for?

What are spuds used for?

Spud – A shaft that is usually made of steel used to anchor or moor a barge to a particular area. This protects the barge from movement due to currents, wind, and use of machinery on the vessel. The spud is driven into the soil or sand below the barge.

What is spud system?

The spud system is one of the main equipment of the cutter suction dredger. It will guarantee the accurate positioning of the dredger operation, by working together with the swing winch and anchor rope system to ensure the dredging operation is carried out along a certain track. There are two types of spud system.

What is a deck barge?

Deck barges and spud barges are flat boats or vessels that carry cargo and are also used in the marine construction industry for work such as pier or bulkhead construction, dredging, bridge construction and maintenance, and marine oil service.

How are barges secured?

The upstream end of the barge or barges must be secured with a wire rope that is at least 11⁄4 inches in diameter or secured with a line of equivalent strength. The downstream end of the barge (or barges) must be secured with a wire rope of at least 7⁄8 inch in diameter or secured with a line of equivalent strength.

What kind of barge is a spud barge?

For example, a spud barge is a type of barge that is moored by using through-deck pilings or steel shafts, which are commonly referred to as spuds (hence the name). There are number types of barges, from crane barges to hopper barges. Spud barges in particular are used for various operations in the maritime industry.

How big are spudwells on a Flexifloat barge?

For their H-50 sectional barge models, Flexifloat offers spuds that are 12” in diameter and 40’ tall as well as options that are 20” in diameter and 40’ or 60’ tall. These spuds are compatible with 12” and 20” spudwells respectively. Flexifloat’s S-50 barges are compatible with 20”x40’ or 20”x60’ spuds and 20” spudwells.

How big is a spud on an oil rig?

A spud, a steel shaft that typically weighs about five tons, requires heavy-duty diesel-powered winches or cranes to lower and raise it through the deck of the barge. Spud barges have forward and aft spuds that anchor a barge in place to provide a platform to drive pilings around docks, oil rigs,…

What are Spuds and spudwells on a Poseidon barge?

These spud and spudwell options are among the many accessories Poseidon sells to complement their sectional barges, including winches, pushers, safety railing, cleats, and ladders. The company also has helpful guidelines for proper use of spuds and double-drum winches.