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Quantos metros tem o Cristo Redentor de Lisboa?

Quantos metros tem o Cristo Redentor de Lisboa?

110 metros
O Cristo Rei ergue-se 215 metros acima do nível do mar e tem, de altura total, 110 metros.

Qual o maior Cristo Rei do Mundo?

A estátua de Cristo Rei (em polaco: Pomnik Chrystusa Króla) é um monumento na localidade de Świebodzin, na Polônia. A estátua é maior representação escultural de Jesus Cristo do mundo, sendo mais alta que o Cristo Redentor, no Rio de Janeiro.

Quantos anos tem o Cristo Rei em Portugal?

72c. 1949-1959
Sanctuary of Christ the King/Age

How tall is the Cristo Rei statue in Lisbon?

Lisbon’s Cristo Rei has many similarities to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, and the Brazilian statue was the original inspiration. For visitors, the main draw of the Cristo Rei is the 80m high viewing platform and the amazing panoramic views over Lisbon and the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge.

How to get to Cristo Rei from Lisbon?

Cristo Rei makes for an enjoyable excursion from Lisbon and is often the sole reason to cross to the southern side of the Tejo Estuary. The journey by public transport is not difficult, requiring a scenic ferry ride and inexpensive bus. This article will provide a tourist guide to the Cristo Rei and includes details about travelling there.

Where is the Santuario Nacional of Cristo Rei?

Where is the Santuario Nacional de Cristo Rei? The Santuario Nacional de Cristo Rei is located in Portugal, south of Portugal capital city, Lisbon. The monument of Cristo Rei is actually not in Lisbon, but in Almada, a neighbor city. The two cities are separated by the Tagus river, and connected by the 25 de Abril bridge.

Is the Cristo Rei monument free to visit?

The grounds of the Cristo Rei is a sprawling complex of religious gardens and pilgrimage buildings, with the towering monument as the focal point for the entire site. These grounds are free to visit and from the cliff top viewpoints there are panoramic views, almost as good as from the top of the monument.