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Is Zong to Zong call free?

Is Zong to Zong call free?

No, there are no extra charges for the calls, all calls if accepted by the receiving party will be charged to B-Party at Rs. 2+Tax per minute.

How can I get free Zong call package?

The Zong Daily Full Gup package offers 75 free on-net minutes, 30 MBs of internet, and 100 SMS for 24 hours. The price of the package is PKR 5 plus tax. For subscription, dial *118*1#. The Daily Voice offer provides 20 on-net minutes in PKR 5 for one day.

How can I call Zong to Zong without balance?

Simply dial 11 before any zong number, for instance, 11-0312-5555444 and press the dial button and talk without worrying for (your) balance. Receiving party will be informed prior to accepting call that this is a Yaari Call, you be charged.

How can I activate Zong call package?


  1. Send SUB or 1 to 6009.
  2. Write Your Status and send it to 6009.
  3. Dial *6009#
  4. Dial 6009.

Do you get free minutes in Zong daily call package?

In Zong daily Call package you will get Free minutes doe one day. So subscribe to any of your favorite call packages according to your interest. All the packages are mentioned in the below table. Zong users cannot only subscribe to Zong Daily call packages but also check Zong to Zong Weekly Call Packages.

Is the Zong to Zong offer auto subscribed?

Offer is valid for Zong to Zong calls only. The offer will be auto subscribed if the customer has enough balance. Like Zong daily and Weekly Call packages, Zong to Zong Monthly Call Packages is also being offered by Zong.

Which is the cheapest Zong package in India?

It offers many inexpensive packages Zong offers its ‘Zong Shandaar Weekly Package’ with all its services for Rs 90. The deal provides 500 free On-Net minutes, 40 free Off-Net minutes, 500 free SMS to all networks and 500 MBs of free internet data.

Which is the best Zong service in Pakistan?

Zong Weekly Call Packages. Zong is a telecommunications company working in Pakistan offering voice and internet data services to its customers. Both postpaid and prepaid customers are offered the best services no matter wherever you go in Pakistan.