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Is the scribble pen real?

Is the scribble pen real?

The Scribble pen does not exist. Case closed, you might think. Digging into videos frame by frame will tell you a lot, but it won’t give you the full picture.

Does a color detecting pen exist?

The Scribble Pen captures the color of any object and tailors the ink to reproduce that hue when you draw, according to its makers. The pen uses a sensor to detect the shade of anything you want, whether it’s a red apple or a coral flower.

What is a color detecting pen?

Called the ‘Color Picker’, it is a pen with a built-in color sensor and RGB ink cartridges. By simply scanning a color sample with the sensor, the pen is able to detect the color and mix the required inks to reproduce the target color.

What kind of tip does Scribble stylus have?

The Scribble Stylus comes with two different tips, for precise, lag-free drawing or writing on your mobile device. You can make broad strokes with the soft rubber tip, or aim for precision with the harder, finer tip. The next/previous button makes it easy to quickly switch colors on the fly, cycling through your entire collection.

Where can I buy a scribble ink pen?

Buy crazy pens from our online store today. One touch is all it takes to check the levels in your Scribble Ink Pen. Scribble APPs remember your colors, you can easily name, sort & share them. Easily Connect and Sync with Your Device. Just pair the APPs with your Scribble Pen or Stylus, and you’re ready to create!

What kind of memory does a scribble pen have?

Both Scribble pens have a color sensor, 1 GB of internal memory for storing 100,000 different colors, a rechargeable Battery, Bluetooth 4.0, and a processor. The regular pen will also come with five ink cartridges. Scribble offers several different point sizes, too, so you can get the best line for what you’re doing.

How many colors can you draw with scribble pen?

Scan and Draw over 16 million colors with One Pen. The amazing multi color pick pen that can draw in any color you like! Play and have fun ! How Does Scribble Pen Work? The built-in color sensor lets you easily capture any color – simply point it at an object or surface and press the button!