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Is Tektronix still in business?

Is Tektronix still in business?

Tektronix parent splits into two companies for the second time. The parent company of Oregon tech stalwart Tektronix is splitting into two companies. One company will remain Fortive. It will include industrial technology businesses used by customers developing connected devices and software.

Does Danaher own Tektronix?

Tektronix originally joined the Danaher portfolio in 2007 and now plays a key role in Fortive’s product realization platform, delivering patented technology to fuel high-speed data centers, wireless applications and cloud computing.

What company owns Tektronix?

Tektronix/Parent organizations
Tektronix, godfather to Oregon’s technology industry, has a new owner. East Coast conglomerate Danaher Corp. completed its spinoff of its older, industrial businesses over the weekend. In the process, Tektronix became part of a new company: Fortive, based in Everett, Washington.

Is Tektronix publicly traded?

The company went public in 1963, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1964. The company continued to bring out more advanced testing equipment, and by 1969, Tektronix controlled 75 percent of the world’s market for oscilloscopes.

When was Tektronix acquired by Danaher Corporation?

On November 21, 2007, Tektronix was acquired by Danaher Corporation for $2.85 billion. Prior to the acquisition, Tektronix traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TEK, the nickname by which Tektronix is known to its employees, customers, and neighbors.

What kind of business does Danaher communications have?

NetScout will broaden its customer base with Danaher businesses such as Arbor Networks, whose security products help prevent cyber threats, and Tektronix Communications, a provider of support for communications services. The new company, with revenue of about $1.2 billion, will also include certain parts of network monitoring-unit Fluke Networks.

When did Danaher spin off integrated DNA technologies?

In March 2018, the business announced it would acquire Integrated DNA Technologies for an undisclosed price. In July 2018, Danaher announced its intention to spin off its $2.8 billion Dental segment, into an independent publicly traded company.

When did Danaher Corporation become a manufacturing company?

Within two years of Danaher Corp.’s founding in 1984, Danaher Corp. acquired 12 companies as part of a strategy to enter the manufacturing business. Therefore, in 1986 Danaher added Qualitrol to its instrumentation unit.