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Is Redfield a good rifle scope?

Is Redfield a good rifle scope?

This is a very good quality, fair priced, USA made scope. However, several other Redfield models are made overseas and may not be of the same quality. Check the label before you buy. If it doesn’t say made in the USA I wouldn’t touch it.

Are Redfield Revenge scopes any good?

The scope is nicely built. Fit and finish is high quality. The ranging reticle is a great idea, but the ranging distance of 200yds to 600yds is too far for a muzzle loader. Clearly it’s designed for centerfire.

Is Redfield discontinued?

Redfield filed for bankruptcy, sold off all the company assets, and officially ceased operations in the summer of 1998.

Does Leupold make Redfield?

Katy-based retail chain Academy Sports & Outdoors Inc. (Nasdaq: ASO) purchased the Redfield brand of sports optics from Leupold & Stevens, the Oregon-based company announced April 13.

Which scopes are made in Japan?

Deon Optical Design are the creators and designers of MARCH Rifle Scopes, which are all hand-built in Japan by Japanese craftsmen using only genuine Japanese made parts to achieve the highest optical standards possible.

What range is a 4X12 scope Good For?

If you’re an occasional weekend deer hunter who uses a lever action 30-30, and hunts in an area where the average shot is 75 yards or less, then a 3X9 or 4X12 will probably work just fine for you.

Who owns Leupold?

The company, started in 1907, is family owned and has been run by five generations of the family….Leupold & Stevens.

Type Private
Key people Bruce Pettet, CEO
Revenue approx. $160 million (2010)
Number of employees approx. 700 (Nov. 2010)
Website www.leupold.com

Does Leupold repair Redfield scopes?

Leupold will not fix it as they just bought the redfield name and are no longer responsible to fix anything.

When did Nikon stop making scopes in Japan?

They officially stopped producing and selling rifle scopes on January 1st of 2019, so the question really should be worded as where were Nikon scopes made?

Where can I get a Redfield rifle scope repaired?

The worlds foremost repair station for REDFIELD RIFLE SCOPES Made in Denver, Colorado U.S.A. We are the recommended repair station for Redfield rifle scopes by Leupold optics, owner of the Redfield name. We have serviced Redfield scopes for customers all over the world.

Are there any Redfield gun sight companies left?

Well, the Redfield brand of scopes has a colorful history, so the answer is a complicated yes, no, and maybe, based on the convoluted timeline of the Redfield Gun Sight Company. In order to accurately try to answer that question, I’ll need to provide some context from the history of Redfield scopes.

Why did the Redfield rifle company go out of business?

During the late 1990’s two developments occurred that led to the downfall of the original Redfield Rifle Scope Company: (1) The introduction of parts that were sourced outside of the USA supposedly led to issues with the quality of the scopes and did some damage to the brand name.

Are there any Redfield 3rd generation scopes left?

3rd Generation Redfield scopes manufactured owned and manufactured under the Leupold brand: Leupold still owns the Redfield brand, and is still (as of 2020) offering Redfield scopes.