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Is Poseidon gear worth it wizard101?

Is Poseidon gear worth it wizard101?

It is only worth it if you are level 70-72 and trying to make a mini critical monster build.

Is Poseidon gear better than waterworks?

The Poseidon boots are also better for resist and block than the Waterworks boots, yet the Waterworks robe gives higher resist and critical block. So a tanking/healing Balance wizard might get the best use from Poseidon hat and boots combined with Waterworks robe.

Where do you get Poseidon gear in wizard101?

The only way to get this gear is from battling Poseidon in Tartarus.

How do you beat Poseidon in wizard101?

How to trap him: The only way to effectively trap him is to use pet traps. Even then, you should trap only right before you are about to hit, as he will remove them if he decides to cast a natural attack at any point.

What kind of gear is available in Poseidon?

Here’s is the level 90+ gear set available from Poseidon for Death wizards. Here’s is the level 90+ gear set available from Poseidon for Fire wizards. Here’s is the level 90+ gear set available from Poseidon for Ice wizards.

When do you get Poseidon’s gear in Tartarus?

Poseidon first shows up in Atlantea, but reappears for the final showdown in Tartarus at level 90. While his gear sets don’t get much attention, they are really some nice offensive pieces, and boots are a solid choice in general. In fact, there’s a good argument to be made that they’re as good as or better than Hades’ boots.

Which is better Aquila L70 Poseidon gear or waterworks?

The one exception is the Poseidon boots which (generally) give more health, more resist, armor piercing, and more critical block. They also give accuracy to B/L/D and pips to S/M/I/F. The drawback is slightly less damage and slightly less accuracy or pips, depending on your school.

Is the WW Poseidon gear the waterworks upgrade?

Many have noted that it’s a “Waterworks Upgrade”, but it’s very hard to tell if that’s actually true. We present to you a side-by-side comparison of the WW and Poseidon gear! A HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted gear, helping to make this guide possible. Our community members are amazing!