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Is Mr saxobeat a good song?

Is Mr saxobeat a good song?

Thanks to its insanely catchy saxophone riffs and Stan’s voice, Mr. Saxobeat is a very fun, upbeat song that you can smile and dance to no matter where you are.

Was Mr saxobeat a Eurovision song?

Saxobeat | Own Eurovision Song Contest Wiki | Fandom….Mr. Saxobeat.

“Mr. Saxobeat”
Languages English
Finals performance
Semi-final result 1st, 123 points
Final result 7th, 145 points

How old is Alexandra Stan?

32 years (June 10, 1989)
Alexandra Stan/Age

What genre is Mr saxobeat?

Electronic dance music
Mr. Saxobeat/Genres

Who made Mr saxobeat?

Alexandra Stan
Mr. Saxobeat/Artists

Is Alexandra Stan related to Sebastian?

Alexandra Stan (born 1989), Romanian singer. Alexandru Stan (born 1989), Romanian footballer. Sebastian Stan (born 1982), Romanian-American actor. Ștefan Stan (born 1977), Romanian singer.

How tall is Alexandra Stan?

5′ 6″
Alexandra Stan/Height

How old is Inna?

34 years (October 16, 1986)

When did Mr Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan come out?

This autumn she released another single, “Mr Saxobeat”, a song that immediately draw the attention of bloggers all over the world and became one of the most viewed video on YouTube that week. “Mr Saxobeat” is also licensed worldwide.

Who is the saxophone player for Mr Saxobeat?

Stan performing “Mr. Saxobeat” on the Austrian Sports Personality of the Year event in 2011 accompanied by saxophonist Cosmin Basasteanu who played the saxophone on the track.

When did Mr Saxobeat become a hit in Romania?

Saxobeat” received award nominations at the 2011 Romanian Music Awards and Los Premios 40 Principales 2011, as well as at the 2012 Echo Music Prize. Commercially, it became the singer’s breakthrough single, reaching the top ten of the charts in more than 20 countries and being awarded various certifications.

How many copies of Mr Saxobeat have been sold?

Subsequently, the single debuted at number 47 on Spain’s PROMUSICAE chart, peaking at number three in May 2011 and gaining a Gold certification for exceeding sales of 20,000 units. The single further reached number six in France, where it sold 97,000 copies as of 2011. “Mr.