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Is morde JG viable?

Is morde JG viable?

He remains as a viable pick as long as he doesn’t get nerfed. On the 16th of June (KST), kt Rolster defeated Gen.

Is Mordekaiser a good Jungler?

Mordekaiser can be a phenomenal jungler if you understand how to make it work.

Is Mordekaiser jungle a thing?

With jungle Mordekaiser, that’s the only interaction you’ll be having, assuming things go well. You don’t have to worry about trading harass or farming when you see an enemy champion. And his dueling power is incredible, too, as long as you time your shield, making jungle duels fun for you, too.

How does Mordekaiser work?

Mordekaiser smashes the area in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. The damage is increased if Obliterate hits only one enemy, making it the perfect spell to delete squishy targets when roaming and going for those 1v1 trades.

What’s the benefit of playing Morde in the jungle?

If I were to summarize the benefit to playing Mordekaiser in the jungle in one word, it would be agency. Mordekaiser is a strong champion when he has the opportunity to roam around the map and use whatever lead he has to pull his team with him.

What do you get with Mordekaiser in jungle?

Tracker’s Knife : Since I mostly go full utility on Mordekaiser jungle, I get this with Sweeping Lens, to better vision and clearing the enemy’s vision. Jaurim’s Fist : Get it to stack your Health bonus, also helps with damage.

How long does Mordekaiser stay in the death realm?

Mordekaiser slows a target enemy champion by 75% for 0.5 seconds. If the target is still in range and targetable by the end of the duration, Mordekaiser banishes himself and the target to the Death Realm for 7 seconds. Champions outside of the Death Realm cannot enter or interact with the champions that are within.

What’s the best way to clear the jungle?

However, Red Buff into Raptors into your Blue-side Jungle also is a strong clear. 1.) Start Gromp with your passive while finishing Blue Buff: you can use the AOE of Darkness Rise to Aggro both camps at once.