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Is Hawthorn East a good suburb?

Is Hawthorn East a good suburb?

While Hawthorn East is brimming with eateries, there’s plenty to offer the fashion-conscious crowd. It can’t be denied, Hawthorn East is a good looking suburb – from its shops to its picturesque properties. Original Victorian cottages sit side-by-side with Edwardian mansions, all lovingly cared for by owners past.

Is Hawthorn East safe?

We lived in Hawthorn East closer to the Camberwell Junction for a year and loved it. Very convenient and safe, a variety of restaurants, decent shopping for everything, good schools, lots of parks.

Which municipality is Hawthorn in?

The City of Hawthorn was a local government area about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) east of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia, on the southeast bank of the Yarra River….City of Hawthorn.

City of Hawthorn Victoria
Hawthorn Town Hall
Population 31,500 (1992)
• Density 3,244/km2 (8,402/sq mi)
Established 1860

What is Hawthorn named after?

Hawthorn/e may have been named after a visitor who called on Hoddle, or settled on during a conversation between the owner of Burwood Park, James Palmer, and Governor La Trobe, who thought that the native shrubs looked like flowering Hawthorn bushes.

Where is Hawthorn East in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia?

Hawthorn East is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 7 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its local government area is the City of Boroondara. At the 2016 Census, Hawthorn East had a population of 14,321. The suburb is roughly bounded by Barkers Road to the north,…

What was the population of Hawthorn East in 2011?

In the 2011 Australian census the population of Hawthorn East was 13,101 when there were 6,753 Females and 6,348 Males living there with a median age of 33. Want to know more about Hawthorn East ? Auburn South is 1 km northwest. Camberwell is 1 km north-northeast. Camberwell North is 2 kms east. Camberwell South is 2 kms east.

Is there an est store in Hawthorn Australia?

Our brick and mortar store in Hawthorn is a treat to visit and a favourite shopping spot for many. Beautiful Irish knitwear & Locally Hand knitted beanies have arrived.

How much does Hawthorn Park apartments cost in Melbourne?

Hawthorn Park Apartments is selling from $609,000 with carpark. What is the distance from Hawthorn Park Apartments to Melbourne CBD? Hawthorn Park Apartments is 7.76km from Melbourne CBD.