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How much is it to record a deed in Alabama?

How much is it to record a deed in Alabama?

THE FOLLOWING RECORDING FEES ARE COLLECTED ON ALL DOCUMENTS EXCEPT THE ONES SPECIFICALLY SET OUT BELOW: $16.00 for the 1st page plus $3.00 for each additional page. $1.00 “No Tax Collected” stamp on deeds, mortgages and leases where we do not collect tax.

How do I pay my Alameda County clerk?

Methods of Payment

  1. Cash, Debit/ATM Card – In Person Only.
  2. Credit cards are not accepted for in person and mail requests.
  3. Money Order, Cashier’s or Traveler’s Check – payable to: Alameda County Clerk Recorder.

How much are recording fees in California?

It requires County Recorders throughout California to charge an additional $75 fee at the time of recording every real estate instrument, paper, or notice, except those expressly exempted from payment of recording fees, per each transaction per parcel of real property, not to exceed $225 per single transaction.

How much does it cost to file a DBA in Alameda County?

Fictitious Business Name Filing Fees – Clerk-Recorder’s Office – Alameda County. The filing fee is $40.00 for one business name and one owner. An additional fee of $7.00 is charged for each additional owner or Fictitious Business name listed on the same statement. Abandonments and Partnership withdrawals are $35.00.

How much is the Alameda County Recorder fee?

Checks should be made payable to the Alameda County Recorder. The fee for documents with two or more titles is $89.00 per title, plus $3.00 for each additional page, plus any special title fee.

Where can I find Alameda County Court records?

Most case records are available to the public and may be viewed and copied at most court locations throughout Alameda County. In addition, many civil case records are available online. Please see the chart below for details. The public may access many case records (information and documents) online through DomainWeb or Odyssey Portal.

How much does a Sonoma County recorder cost?

Copy Fees Service Fee Standard Printed Pages (up to 11″ x 17″) $5.00 per page (as of 7/01/2019 ) Emailed file (1964-present) * *documents $6.00 per document Emailed file (pre-1964) $6.00 per page (as of 7/01/2019) Online purchased via Sonoma County Docum $4.00 per document

Do you have to pay with credit card in Alameda County?

All checks must be payable to Alameda County Clerk Recorder. – Credit cards (Master Card or Visa) are ONLY accepted for online copy request of Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates, Fictitious Business Name Statements, and Official Public Records.