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How much is a 1909 error penny worth?

How much is a 1909 error penny worth?

1909 VDB penny – 27,995,000 minted; $12 to $20+ 1909-S VDB penny – 484,000 minted; $650 to $1,200+ 1909 penny – 72,702,618 minted; $3 to $10+ 1909-S (San Francisco) penny – 1,825,000 minted; $85 to $250+

Which 1909 penny is worth the most?

Value Of 1909 S VDB Pennies The 1909 S VDB penny is indeed one of the most expensive regular-strike (non-error) rarities of modern U.S. coins.

How can you tell a fake 1909 S penny?

Genuine Mint Marks will also display parallel serifs. If you look at mint mark below labeled “Parallel Mint Mark” the two serifs point in the same direction vertically, in a parallel position. Genuine 1909-S VDB cents will have the VDB initials slightly slanted, specifically on the central crossbar of the letter “B.”

Why was VDB removed?

Some said that as Brenner had been paid for his design, what he did was strictly as a workman, and no recognition was needed. Others said that the letters were too prominent, and that few knew what the possibly cabalistic notation meant. Complaints were registered, and demands were made that the letters be dropped.

Is the 1909 Lincoln Penny still in circulation?

1909 Lincoln (Wheat) Penny. If you have any familiarity at all with US coins, you will notice that the 1909 Lincoln penny very closely resembles the single-cent coin still in circulation in the US today. While you wouldn’t be totally wrong, the 1909 version of the coin is much more sought after than the penny that is laying underneath your couch.

How many 1909 VDB wheat pennies are there?

Because of the short period of time during which 1909 VDB Pennies were struck, there is a relatively small number of these coins in existence. There were 27,995,000 1909 VDB Lincoln Wheat Penny coins made and just 484,000 1909-S VDB Lincoln cents struck.

Who was the designer of the 1909 Penny?

1909 Penny Facts. The Lincoln cent was designed by Lithuanian immigrant sculptor Victor David Brenner, who had engraved an Abraham Lincoln plaque and in 1908 designed a Panama Canal commemorative medal at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. Through this relationship, a discussion on redesigning the aging Indian Head penny came about.

Why are 1909 wheat cents worth so much?

Popularity of collecting Lincoln Wheat cents is the driving force behind values. A focus on each of the dates, along with the mint that struck the coin is typically how they are assembled into a collection. 1909 is significant and prized as the introduction year of the Lincoln design.