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How much does a track day cost motorcycle?

How much does a track day cost motorcycle?

The cost of a track day varies from region to region and from track to track, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $150.00 to over $300.00 per day. This often includes some instruction. I’m not comfortable doing a track day yet.

Are motorcycle track days worth it?

Yes, well worth it. There is no other way to get that many turns (which you can take at a good clip), per minute without serious risk to you license. It is also worth the extra money to take some training on the track (eg. FAST Riding School Home Page – Welcome! )

Are motorcycle track days safe?

On the track, you are in a safe, controlled, consistent environment, surrounded by experienced riders and coaches. As a result, you can learn more in one track day than in months or years of street riding, and most importantly, you can do it safely.

Where are the best track days for motorcycles?

Based in Virginia and hosting events at tracks all over the Eastern US, our team has redesigned track days for motorcycles to give you the best experience in a safe environment.Our certified and experienced staff of professionals is ready to share their knowledge with riders of all skill levels.

How does Xcitement track days help you ride your motorcycle?

Discover the FUN of riding your motorcycle in the safety of a closed road course. Our friendly, experienced coaches teach you lessons that can save your life! From Novice to Advanced, riders improve their skills with hours of instruction and quality track time. We start out slow and work on smooth riding techniques.

How to register for a motorcycle track day?

Click here for information on the Track Day schedule and to register online! Personalized training is available to take your skills to the next level. Purchase Today! Purchase a Tony’s Track Day Gift Certificate for your favorite riding enthusiast!

How did motorcycle track days in New England feel?

Great time, incredible track, happy hour/dinner was awesome, made some new friends. You have a great bunch of guys Tony. I felt like I learned a lot and was gradually improving throughout the two days thanks to the help of your/our instructors. Can’t wait to go back.