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How many piano levels are there in RCM?

How many piano levels are there in RCM?

There are 10 grades in the RCM, with an additional preparatory grade (kind of like kindergarten), and an ARCT level, which is the most advanced step of the RCM system. Assuming they’ve put in the time, the average student can expect to reach a grade 8 level by the time they complete high school.

What level of piano is Grade 8?

Remember: Grade 8 is the equivalent of an A-Level. Those who received their professional training at a Music College at postgraduate level hold a Master of Music in Solo Piano Performance.

What are all the piano pieces in RCM Level 1?

RCM Level 1 Piano Repertoire – all pieces performed in full! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. German Dance in B flat Major, Hob. IX:22, no. 5 SEE ALL RCM LEVEL 2 REPERTOIRE PIECES PERFORMED!

What are the requirements for a level 8 Piano exam?

Repertoire: students are required to perform a total of 4 pieces for Level 8 Repertoire. 1 mark per piece (see parentheses) will be deducted for not having it memorized. A maximum of 56 marks can be earned for this section. Technical Requirements : includes technical tests and 2 etudes.

What are the technical requirements for RCM level 8?

Level 8 Technical Requirements for the Royal Conservatory of Music Practical Examinations. 2015 Edition. The metronome is set at the minimum required tempos. Rhona-Mae Arca is a musician, Registered Music Teacher in Calgary, Alberta and the 2013 Tech Teacher of the Year. For more information, visit http://www.musespeak.com Loading…

How can I get more marks on my piano?

3. Memorize your repertoire. In Grades 1 to 7, each piece played from memory gives you two marks per piece. This can add up considerably and is worth the investment of time and effort. In Grades 8, 9, 10 and ARCT, memorization is expected and is integrated into the mark for each piece. Memorization is not required for studies. 4.