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How many interceptions did Everson Walls have?

How many interceptions did Everson Walls have?

Yes, Everson Walls has all of those things attached to his name after a 13-year career in the pros. He’s probably most immediately remembered in the minds of Cowboys fans for his transcendent 1981 season when he snagged a whopping 11 interceptions as an undrafted rookie.

Why is Everson Walls not in the Hall of Fame?

Longtime Dallas Cowboys cornerback Everson Walls fell short of the Hall of Fame after making it to the finals in his final year of eligibility.

Who did Everson Walls play for?

Dallas Cowboys
Everson Collins Walls (born December 28, 1959) is a former American football defensive back who played professionally in the National Football League (NFL) for the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, and the Cleveland Browns. During his 14 seasons, he was a four-time Pro Bowl selection.

How many Super Bowls did Everson Walls win?

Walls played for the Cowboys from 1981 through 1989. He then played for the New York Giants in 1990 and 1991, and part of another season in 1992. Walls had six interceptions in 1990, and he ultimately helped the Giants win a Super Bowl that season.

What was Everson Walls contract with Dallas Cowboys?

He led the Cowboys in interceptions five seasons, tied with Terrence Newman for leading the most seasons in franchise history. He also was known for his contract disputes with the Cowboys, which were eventually settled in 1987, when Walls was given a three-year deal worth 5.05 million.

Where did Everson Walls go to high school?

Walls was born and raised in Richardson, TX. He was nicknamed “Cubby” and he was raised by his mother two miles from the Dallas Cowboys practice facility. He played football at Lloyd V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas, where he only played one year of football (senior year) and led the district in interceptions.

When did Everson Walls play for the New York Giants?

During his 14 seasons, he was a four-time Pro Bowl selection. He was also a 3-time All-Pro selection. Walls won a Super Bowl with the Giants after the 1990 season.

When did Everson Walls join the Cleveland Browns?

On October 23, 1992, Walls signed with the Cleveland Browns as a free agent, reuniting with head coach and former Giants defensive coordinator Belichick. After learning that he could not step backwards, defensive coordinator Nick Saban taught Walls to move his hips and shuffle.