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How many goals Messi scored against Inter?

How many goals Messi scored against Inter?

His goal against Ferencváros on 20 October 2020 meant Messi has scored against a record 39 clubs in the competition….Who has Messi scored against in UEFA competition?

Opponents by club Inter
Games 4
Minutes 360
Minutes per goal

Is Messi leaving to Inter Milan?

ROME: Inter Milan have no plans to try and sign Lionel Messi nor the financial means to engineer a deal for the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, a club official said Tuesday. The Serie A runners-up have been linked with a move for Messi along with Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain if he leaves Barcelona.

What goalie has Messi scored the most against?

goalkeeper Diego Alves
Former Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves has received 19 bottles as he is the goal-keeper Messi has scored the most goals against.

Who has Ronaldo never scored against?

His other five goals against top 15 sides have come against France (2 goals), Germany (1 goal), Argentina (1 goal), and Croatia (1 goal). He has never scored against England, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Italy, or Colombia.

How is Messi’s game different from Ronaldo’s?

However, Messi plays a very different game to the traditinal centre-forward game of Ronaldo. Messi comes much deeper, towards the play, rather than making runs and playing off the shoulder of the defenders.

How many goals does Messi score per game?

Over their entire careers, it’s Messi who edges it. Messi has scored 0.81 goals per game, whereas Ronaldo has scored 0.73 goals per game. If we drill down into goals per minutes, it’s a similar story; Messi scores a goal every 101 minutes, and Ronaldo scores a goal every 112 minutes.

How many assists does Messi have in his career?

Messi has racked up an impressive 310 assists in 921 career appearances, compared to Ronaldo’s 224 assists in 1068 games. However, because Messi has a clear ascendancy when it comes to assists, this often leads people to fall into the trap of underestimating Ronaldo’s proficiency in this area.

How many hat tricks does Messi have in his career?

The rate at which Messi and Ronaldo score hat tricks is scarcely believable, with a staggering 111 between them; 54 career hat tricks for Messi and 57 career hat tricks for Ronaldo. Ronaldo may still have the overall lead, but Messi has a slight edge in terms of frequency.