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How many amps is a 2000 lb winch?

How many amps is a 2000 lb winch?

12 VDC 2,000 lb. Electric Winch

Line Pull 2,000 lbs.
Cable Material Aircraft grade galvanized wire rope
Cable Length 30 ft.
Line Speed 6 FPM @ no load
Motor Amp Draw 20 @ full load

How much AMP does a winch draw?

Some winches have a maximum current draw around 400 amps plus if under heavy load. Although you don’t see them much these days, this was a great advantage of the PTO style of winch. As long as your engine was running you could keep winching all day.

How much electricity does a winch use?

Although electric winches can consume as much as 150 to 200 amps, they do not run for long periods of time. A day’s use might amount to no more than 10 minutes. Many sailors measure the amp-hours used for each electrical device, calculate their total electrical needs, and match this to battery capacity.

How many amps does a 2500 lb winch draw?

ATV winch amp-draw table. As a comparison, the starter motor of a car draws 200-300A as well. That is a lot!…How much battery-drain from using an ATV winch is normal?

Rated winch pulling capacity Typical no-load current draw Typical full-load current draw
2500 lb 20 A 150 A

How much horsepower does an electric winch need?

The rule of thumb is that your electric winch should be able to pull 1.5 times your vehicle’s gross weight. What that means is you take your vehicle’s gross weight…let’s say 5000 pounds…and multiply it by 1.5.

What can a winch be used for in a car?

The winch is intended for mounting on a front side of a winch or a trailer and can be used for pulling the load on it. The winch is powered on an electric motor with a battery. It is rechargeable and comes with wires to connect to the electricity source.

Where does the spec sheet come from on a winch?

The spec sheet numbers come from a winch’s pulling strength with one layer of winch cable. So the winch motor’s capacity is greatest when it’s pulling 1-2 layers of cable. As you continue to wrap more layers around the drum, the pulling power diminishes.

Which is the best Warn winch on the market?

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