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How high can you rev a K24?

How high can you rev a K24?

If someone is road course racing an OEM K24 shortblock with a k24 oil pump, upgrading the oil pump would be a smart investment to protect a multi- thousand engine. 8,000 rpm is a safe place for a stock internal K24 and K20/K24 frank for lasting reliability.

Why do Hondas rev so high?

revolutions is the only replacement for displacement. revolutions is the only replacement for displacement. Honda engines are usually oversquare, (shorter stroke, larger bore) then other engines of the same capacity, Allowing them to change direction more quickly. Hence they can rev higher.

How big is the engine on a Honda Civic Type R?

“Not many people have seen the Civic Type R engine taken apart, let alone built into something substantial. They’re pretty big engines from the factory – we’re bending rods at 400 horsepower, which is unlike Hondas in the past. This engine is a totally different approach. It’s a direct injection, turbo engine.

What kind of engine does a Honda Civic have?

That’s where we’re filling in.” A stock Civic Type R engine. While 4 Piston Cylinder Heads does a lot of work on Honda K-series engines, the shop recently started putting resources into further developing Honda’s new Civic Type R K20C1 engine, and according to Wilson, there’s real potential behind this powerplant.

What makes a Civic Type are K20C1 engine different?

It’s pretty wild for a little engine, but they’re different.” The K20C1 engine also has an offset crank in relation to the bore so that the piston is straight up and down when it’s on a power stroke. For this build 4 Piston decided to use JE pistons and Saenz connecting rods, which are out of Argentina.

What kind of pistons do civics use?

The pistons are replaced by JE forged pistons, which that have a thicker top, thicker pin boss area and a tool steel wrist pin. We offer replacing the OEM sleeve with a ductile iron sleeve for larger bore size, and use an o-ring for additional cylinder sealing.