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How does thallium chloride 201 enter the body?

How does thallium chloride 201 enter the body?

Tl-201 has 73 h of physical half-life (t ½). It is produced in the cyclotron. It is administered intravenously to the patients as thallous chloride. After intravenous injection, about 88% is cleared from the blood after the first circulation.

How is Thallium 201?

Tl-201 (intravenous injection) is used in conjunction with maximum exercise stress testing for myocardial imaging. Thallous Chloride (Tl-201) clears rapidly from the blood with maximum concentration by normal myocardium within about 10 minutes; other organs include the thyroid, liver, kidneys, and stomach.

How is thallium administered?

A nurse or healthcare professional inserts an intravenous (IV) line, usually on the inside of your elbow. A radioisotope or radiopharmaceutical medication, such as thallium or sestamibi, is injected through the IV. The radioactive material marks your blood flow and is picked up by the gamma camera.

What does thallium chloride do?

Thallous chloride Tl 201 injection is used in adults to help diagnose heart disease (eg, coronary artery disease, heart attack). It is used in certain procedures called planar scintigraphy or single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT).

How much sodium chloride is in thallous chloride TL 201?

Thallous Chloride Tl 201 Injection is supplied in an isotonic solution as a sterile, non-pyrogenic diagnostic radiopharmaceutical for intravenous administration. Each milliliter contains 37 MBq (1 mCi) Thallous Chloride Tl 201 at calibration time, made isotonic with 9 milligrams sodium chloride and preserved with 0.9% (v/v) benzyl alcohol.

Is there a potassium analogue for thallium-201?

Thallium SPECT. Thallium-201 chloride is a potassium analogue with little brain parenchymal uptake in normal subjects because of the intact blood–brain barrier. However, Thallium-201 does localize in some primary and metastatic tumors.

How does thallium 201 work in the body?

Thallium-201 ( 201 Tl) is the conventional perfusion tracer [4]. 201 Tl behaves like a potassium analog and enters the myocytes through Na + /K + ATPase channels. 201Tl is injected intravenously at peak exercise or during pharmacological stress and imaging is started soon after completion of stress.

Where does thallium chloride TL 201 receive the most radiation?

The kidney receives the highest radiation dose (critical target organ), 5.1 rads/3 mCi (5.3 cGy/111 MBq) ( Table 14-2 ). Myocardial image quality is poor compared to Tc-99m agents for several reasons.