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How do you unlock daily challenges in tapped out?

How do you unlock daily challenges in tapped out?

Challenges can be checked at the Big Box or by tapping the button on the top right of the screen. The Daily Challenges System becomes available when the player reaches level 8, and completes the Fresh Off the Donut Truck questline.

Is tapped out worth it?

It’s a good game and brings back memories as I’m also a big fan of classic Simpsons. In fact, started watching them all again on the back of playing. Would recommend giving it a go! This game is a fun game for fans of classic Simpsons and don’t worry about the game ending, there’s still tons of content EA can add.

Is there a land limit on tapped out?

The current maximum of available regular land consists of 15×21 property values, one column of Land with Beach, and two columns of Ocean plots. With the Squidport Expansion which was added to the game in June 2013, expansions onto the ocean were added, opening up 42 new plots.

What happens in the first day of tapped out?

That means the new event is just around the corner, and the last thing you need is for your primary characters to be wrapped up in a twenty-four hour job when the event drops. You can miss out on the entire first day, which is when vital buildings and frustrating 6-second jobs need to be knocked out.

How many challenges do you get per day?

The player can only exchange one challenge for a new random per day. Completing various numbers of challenges rewards extra Donuts, a Mystery Box, or a Free Land Token. The amount of challenges and the number of donuts can be seen at the top of the Daily Challenges Screen. This section is still a work in progress as data is gathered.

Why does tapped out take so long to load?

It can be very easy to forget to visit your friends’ towns, particularly if you don’t even have a fleeting interest in the rewards the game offers you for tapping three of their buildings. They also take a minute to even load up.

When did the daily challenges start on the Simpsons?

This article is a stub. You can help The Simpsons: Tapped Out Wiki by expanding it. The Daily Challenges System was introduced permanently on February 4, 2016, replacing the Daily Play Combo.