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How do you take out a labret piercing?

How do you take out a labret piercing?

Unlike the round captive bead that rests on the skin outside your lip, the inside backplate is flat. Grasp the captive bead end of the labret stud bar. Twist the captive bead to unscrew it from the stud bar. Continue twisting until the captive bead separates from the labret stud bar, then remove it.

What do you do when your piercing won’t unscrew?

A pair of latex or rubber gloves will usually provide enough grip to unscrew a stuck piercing ball. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry and grab the ball with your gloved hand. The bit of extra torque from the rubber gloves might provide just the right amount of traction to get your ball unstuck.

What is an internally threaded labret?

Internally threaded means that the inside of the part of the jewelry, that will pass through your body is smooth. The threading or ‘screw’ is on the removable end, such as a ball end on a barbell.

How to remove labret studs from your body?

Removal of Labret Stud Style Jewelry: 1 If you can grab the disc with one hand. If not your best bet is a pair of locking hemostats. 2 Grab the ball with your free hand. 3 Rotate counter clockwise (righty tighty lefty loosy) and unscrew the ball or end. 4 Once the ball or end is free slide the jewelry out of the piercing.

Is the stud on a labret externally or internally threaded?

Jewellery which relies on threaded (‘screw-on’) balls or accessories may be either externally or internally threaded. In the below photo, the labret stud (the first, silver-coloured piece of jewellery) is externally threaded.

Where does the screw go in a labret?

In this piece the screw is attached to the ball whilst the receiving hole is inside the stem of the jewellery. Internally threaded jewellery is recommended for initial piercings, since jewellery is likely to have to be downsized (changed for gradually smaller pieces) as swelling subsides.

How is the best way to remove a labret piercing?

Remove the piercing by gently pulling the disc up and out of your mouth. If there is any resistance or pain or you cannot remove the bar easily, replace the ball and seek advice from your piercer or doctor immediately. Latex gloves are not essential, but they keep germs to a minimum and help you to grip the labret stud making removal easier.