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How do you start the first mission on GTA San Andreas?

How do you start the first mission on GTA San Andreas?

The easiest route to reach Grove Street is by following the railway line. Once CJ reaches Grove Street, walk into the mission marker in front of the Johnson House to start the first mission, Big Smoke.

How do you complete sweet mission in GTA San Andreas?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Get over to Sweet before the Seville Boulevard set finish him off. Get over to Emmet’s if you need a piece.
  2. The Seville Boulevard Families have Sweet surrounded in his girl’s flat.
  3. Fetch a four door car to pick up Sweet and his girl.
  4. Get back to your hood.

Is there a pony in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Berkley’s RC Van is a variant of the Pony that bears the Berkleys RC logos on it and is known to be one of the rarest variants in the game. It is the replacement of the Top Fun from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and therefore, labeled as “Top Fun” in the files.

How many missions are there in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

This is a comprehensive list of storyline missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are 100 missions in total (101 including the opening sequence), which makes this game the Grand Theft Auto title with most missions.

Where is the first base in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Who’s the bitch now, eh?” First Base is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from her hideout in Fern Ridge, Red County. It is unlocked by the mission King in Exile and any one of the four robbery missions given by Catalina.

Who are the main characters in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Following the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting by the Ballas, he returns and decides to stay for good. Missions involve him working for the prominent members of the Grove Street Families: his brother Sweet, the childhood friend and junkie Ryder, and cryptic childhood friend, Big Smoke.