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How do you redeem Nedbank greenbacks?

How do you redeem Nedbank greenbacks?

If you’re a Nedbank client already, join the Greenbacks Programme on the Nedbank Money app by tapping ‘Join Greenbacks’ under ‘Rewards’. Download the Greenbacks app and log in using your Nedbank ID. Choose the packages linked to your different Nedbank products or accounts to help you manage your money.

How much are Nedbank greenbacks worth?

“36 Greenbacks are equal to R1. You get about four Greenbacks for every R10 spent if the American Express card is used.” Because Nedbank does not specify preferred traders, all transactions excluding fuel were calculated using this formula.

How do I convert Nedbank Greenbacks to cash?

To cash in your Greenbacks, Nedbank customers have to apply for a SHOP card. This enables them to either draw their points in cash form at Nedbank ATM’s or swipe their card at select providers.

How do you redeem greenbacks points?

How To Spend Your Greenbacks. All the Greenbacks you earn will be loaded onto your free Nedbank Greenbacks SHOP Card. You can then use it at over 100 000 stores to buy fuel, withdraw cash at any ATM or even use it overseas – wherever American Express is accepted.

Who are the providers of Nedbank greenbacks?

The programme boasts with a provider network of 100,000 providers, such as AVIS, Hirsch’s, South African Airways, Tsogo Sun, Netflorist, and Baby City. It can also be used at certain fuel stations, such as Caltex.

How does Nedbank help you manage your money?

You also get access to a world of exclusive benefits for managing your money better. Earn Greenbacks, receive vouchers, coupons, special offers and partner discounts, support an Affinity of your choice and improve your financial know-how, so that you can reach your financial goals – all within one programme.

What are the benefits of the new greenbacks?

The new Greenbacks is a money management programme that gives you more than just points. You also get access to a world of exclusive benefits for managing your money better.

What’s the maximum amount you can withdraw from Nedbank shop card?

You may continue accessing the Greenbacks SHOP card to spend your available points at merchants that accept American Express or draw cash at a Nedbank ATM. Please remember that the maximum withdrawal limit is R1 500 per day.