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How do you pronounce Carrigaline?

How do you pronounce Carrigaline?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Carrigaline. C-AH-R-ih-g-ah-L-AY-n-AH-R-ih-g-ah-L-AY-n. Car-rigaline. car-ri-ga-line. Car-ri-ga-line.
  2. Meanings for Carrigaline.
  3. Translations of Carrigaline. Arabic : كاريجالين Korean : 캐리갈린 Hindi : कारृईगलिने Russian : Карригалин Chinese : 卡里格莱恩

How do you pronounce Togher?


What is the pronunciation of LOL?

LOL – laughing out loud. Pronounced: “lawl,” or each letter as “el-oh-el.” May also be said as “lole,” as in “lollerskates,” but that sounds more dumb. Though it does track with the Miley Cyrus film LOL. Example: Dictionary.com favors the “lawl” pronunciation.

Which is the best definition of a Panguingue?

Definition of panguingue. : a card game which resembles rummy, which is played with several packs of cards shuffled together, and in which a player tries to meld his whole hand in groups or sequences and bonuses are paid for particular melds.

Where did the game of panguingue come from?

Panguingue Rules. Panguingue (pronounced “pan-ginn’-gay”), often called Pan for short, was a staple of the gambling halls during the Californian gold rush in the mid-1800’s, and this Rummy variation remains popular in many regions, particularly in the western United States and Southern Florida.

How many players do you need for panguingue?

Panguingue (pronounced pan-ginn-geh ), also known as Pan, is a Rummy -type game for two to fifteen players. It is best for six to eight. Unlike most Rummy games, however, players cannot simply hang onto the cards they draw. They must be melded immediately or discarded! Panguingue is probably of Philippine origin.

Where is the best place to play Panguingue?

Panguingue has achived notable popularity in the Southwest United States and on the Pacific Coast; in this region there are many many public gaming houses devoted to “Pan”. In the western United States many commercial clubs flourish devoted principally to furnishing their habitues with ‘Pan’ games.