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How do you isolate actinomycetes?

How do you isolate actinomycetes?

In isolating actinomycetes, soil samples are collected from the study area [16-20]. To kill most of the Gram negative bacteria, the soil is dried on the bench inside the laboratory for a period of one week [17]. The soil is further held in a water bath at 50°C to further destroy other vegetative microorganisms [13].

Which technique is used for isolation of antibiotic producing microorganisms?

Cross streak method was used to check antagonistic activity of isolated actinomycetes against test organisms. Solid state fermentation and crude extraction were used for the production of antibiotics from isolates. Agar well diffusion was used for antimicrobial activity of crude extracts against test organisms.

What kind of soil is used to isolate actinomycetes?

The soil sample used was dark brown and sandy, with no vegetation covering (bare). Isolation of soil actinomycetes was done by culture-dependent methods and isolates were tested for antibiotic production on selected indicator bacteria plates.

How is crowded plate technique used to isolate actinomycetes?

Karnataka, India. Methods: Crowded plate technique was used for the isolation of actinomycetes in media such as soybean – casein digest medium and actinomycetes isolation agar. The morphological and cultural characterization of one of the selected strains, designated A-4, was performed as per International

Where is isolation and screening of antibiotic producing soil?

Isolation and screening of antibiotic producing actinomycetes from rhizosphere and agricultural soils Atsede Muleta1,2* and Fassil Assefa1 1Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology Department, College of Natural Science, Addis Ababa University, P. O. Box 1176, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Which is antimicrobial property of Actinomycetes A-4?

antimicrobial property against Gram positive and Gram negative strains as well as against various fungi. Conclusion: Findings from this investigation reveal that strain A-4 and A-4 mutant strains, in that order, exhibited superior antimicrobial activities to other soil isolates of actinomycetes.