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How do you hunt ducks in Goldeneye?

How do you hunt ducks in Goldeneye?

Here’s how to strike gold now.

  1. Find the Habitat. You won’t shoot many of these ducks in a backwater pocket.
  2. Find the Fish. Some hunters disparagingly call goldeneyes fish-eaters because they eat a lot of baitfish.
  3. Get the Spread Right. These ducks often refuse to decoy to anything but goldeneye blocks.
  4. Shoot Them Dead.

Can you eat goldeneye ducks?

Then you have the divers: bluebills, canvasbacks, buffleheads, goldeneyes, and redheads. They get their name from the way they eat. You can still eat these ducks—it just takes a little extra preparation.

Is a Golden Eye Duck rare?

The Common Goldeneye is an uncommon wintering bird in Tennessee and may be found in the state from early November to early April. The North American breeding range extends across the forested regions of Canada, and most birds winter along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, but also inland from southern Canada to Mexico.

How fast do Goldeneye ducks fly?

Most waterfowl fly at speeds of 40 to 60 mph, with many species averaging roughly 50 mph. With a 50 mph tail wind, migrating mallards are capable of traveling 800 miles during an eight-hour flight.

Where to find goldeneye ducks in the fall?

It is also one of the last of the diver ducks to migrate south each fall and can normally be found late season on the rivers and larger bodies of water that stay open till the very end of the hunting season. The hunting location for this bird is more important than having an actual spread of Goldeneye decoys.

What kind of Duck is a common goldeneye?

Please try again later. The Common Goldeneye, is a medium sized duck of the diving duck classification. It is one of the more common diver ducks found across North America, unlike its close relative the elusive Barrow’s Goldeneye. The main differentiating factor between the two birds is the white cheek patch found on the drakes of both species.

What’s the best setting to hunt a GoldenEye?

The river set up will most likely prove to be the better scenario when hunting these birds. Also known as the “Whistling duck” due to the fact that the wings of the Goldeneye produce a loud whistling sound when flying, many hunters will hear the birds overhead before the will see them.

How many decoys do you need for a Drake GoldenEye?

Although, with the specialization of the decoy industry, adding 2 – 6 drake Goldeneye decoys to your existing diver decoy spread may prove to be beneficial. Unlike hunting large lakes, when hunting rivers, a massive spread of decoys is not essential.