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How do you defend against Pekkas?

How do you defend against Pekkas?

There are many troops (and ways to counter PEKKA) including:

  1. Kiting with Ice Golem.
  2. Flying Troops (except Baby Dragon and maybe Flying Machine)
  3. Inferno Tower.
  4. Another PEKKA.
  5. Mega Knight (only for a weakened PEKKA or for last Resort)
  6. Rascals at a distance.
  7. XBow for chipping + a Tank.
  8. 3 musketeers.

What level do Pekkas go to at TH10?

P.E.K.K.A is a troop unlocked in the standard Barracks when it is upgraded to level 10 which requires Town Hall level 8. She is a slow and expensive single-target melee Elixir Troop that occupies a big amount of housing space but comes with large amounts of hitpoints and damage. P.E.K.K.

Which is town halls levels does Pekka Smash work?

To make this attacking strategy work you only need to make sure that the Bowlers and the PEKKA will go into the base and then keep the Bowlers alive as much as you can – the PEKKAs are strong enough to survive on their own and this combination will wreck the base into pieces. Which Town Halls Levels does PEKKA Smash work?

What are the attack strategies for Town Hall?

Check if there are any higher level Tesla’s around town hall because Tesla’s main target is pekka and will be killed instantly. 1. Pekka and Wizard. 2. Golem. 3. Wizards and archers. ( Archers to fill up the remaining left out space). 2 Golem, 17 Wizards. 2 Rage, 1 Heal.

Is there a gowipe attack strategy for Town Hall 9?

Once u get to town hall 9 u will find the mass dragons doesn’t work well.coc Gowipe attack strategy works well with town hall 8 (th8), town hall 9 (th9) and town hall 10 (th10) with rage, heal , earth quake spells and heroes. But u have to get used to get 3 stars in clash of clan wars.

What are the different types of Pekka attacks?

This post explains two types of Pekka attacks: the PekkaBoBat and the Pekka Smash. Siege Machine: Wall Wrecker, usually filled with a Pekka and Ice Golem at TH12, or Pekka and Giants at TH10-11 possibly an Electro Dragon and/or Baby Dragon to help create your funnel, with a test Balloon