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How do I start Moonpath to Elsweyr LOTD?

How do I start Moonpath to Elsweyr LOTD?

To start the mod, the Dragonborn must travel to Falkreath, and enter the Dead Man’s Drink Inn. There should be a door to the right of the inn’s entrance. Inside that door is a caravan with Khajiit inside. Speaking to them should allow the Dragonborn to travel with the caravan to Elsweyr.

What does Moonpath to Elsweyr add?

The Moonpath to Elsweyr mod is fully integrated in Legacy of the Dragonborn for the Legendary Edition of Skyrim. Additionally, a few changes have been made to the original, such as balancing, bug fixes and some aesthetics.

Can you go to Elsweyr in Skyrim?

You can instantly travel to Elsweyr with any of your existing characters by using the Rimmen Wayshrine. To do so, open your map, select the Elsweyr zone, and then select the Wayshrine icon (it should be the only one available).

How do I start Legacy of the Dragonborn?

The quest starts after completing An Interesting Prospect or the Relic Hunter start equivalent and having reached a display count of 400. Byron will start looking for you after you have received the Sword of Ancient Tongues at 550 displays and completed ‘Shadows of One’s Past’.

Where do you go in Moonpath to Elsweyr?

Moonpath to Elsweyr is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which the Dragonborn travels with a Khajiit caravan into the Khajiit homeland of Elsweyr. To start the mod, the Dragonborn must travel to Falkreath, and enter theDead Man’s DrinkInn.

Who is the creator of Moonpath to Elsweyr?

Despite Skyrim modding being in its infancy MuppetPuppet was able to bring Elsweyr to life in a way never before imagined. Brought to you by An_Old_Sock, the author of the in-development Moonpath Reborn, Moonpath to Elsweyr is enjoying regular updates for the first time in five years.

Where are the Secret Paths to Elsweyr in Skyrim?

View more… Tag this mod Only the Khajiit know the secret paths of the moon that lead the followers of the Mane back to Elsweyr. Now one of these paths is open to the dova of Skyrim, long thought lost this path leads to a base deep in the hart of the jungles of in Elsweyr.

Who is the original author of Moonpath?

MuppetPuppet, the original author of Moonpath to Elsweyr. It is an honor to be able to continue his legacy. I am incredibly grateful for being able to merge his mod into Moonpath SSE. Treacleman is actually a real life author of real life books (fancy bugger that he is).