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How do I repair Firefox on my Mac?

How do I repair Firefox on my Mac?

Start with restarting your Mac, and then clear the cache and troubleshoot your plugins as described above.

  1. Restart Firefox in Safe Mode. When clearing the cached data doesn’t help, try restarting the browser in Safe Mode.
  2. Refresh Firefox.
  3. Create a new Firefox profile.
  4. Turn off hardware acceleration.

Why is my Firefox not working?

This error is caused by a problem with Firefox program files. The solution is to remove the Firefox program and then reinstall Firefox. (This will not remove your passwords, bookmarks or other user data and settings which are stored in a separate profiles folder.) Uninstall Firefox.

How do I fix Firefox not responding?

Turn off hardware acceleration

  • In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and select Preferences.
  • Select the Advanced panel and the General tab.
  • Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.
  • Click the Firefox menu and select Exit.
  • Start Firefox the way you normally do.

What to do when Firefox doesn’t update on Mac?

If closing tabs and clearing the cache didn’t work, it’s a good idea to update Firefox and macOS to its latest versions. When Firefox is active, just click on Firefox in the menu and select About Firefox. The latest available update should start downloading automatically.

Why is my Firefox not opening any websites?

If you just upgraded Firefox and it can no longer open any websites but other browsers or programs can, see the Fix problems connecting to websites after updating Firefox article. If no programs can open websites, see the aptly named Firefox and other browsers can’t load websites article.

Why does Firefox not open on my MacBook Pro?

I have a Macbook Pro I purchased new this summer (2014). I installed the latest version of Firefox in July 2014 and it worked fine for over 2 months. Suddenly, Firefox no longer opens. It flashes like it’s opened a window but nothing shows.

How do I fix Firefox on MacBook Air?

It’s easy to check, simply follow these steps: Click on the Firefox menu Navigate to Options > Advanced > Network Click on Settings under Connection Select No Proxy Close options and reload web pages