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How do I remove my home phone number from White Pages?

How do I remove my home phone number from White Pages?

To have a residential listing removed from the White Pages, you will need to arrange a silent line with your telecoms service provider. Your request will be sent to us and we’ll ensure it’s implemented correctly (i.e. that your listing be changed from a published line to a silent line).

How do I cancel my White Pages listing?

You can cancel your White Pages listing by calling 1800 239 266 or contacting your Account Manager/White Pages rep.

How does White Pages get your info?

Whitepages’ data is collected from property deeds, telecom companies, and public records. Privacy is a common concern regarding Whitepages’ publishing of personal contact information. The Whitepages.com website has features that allow users to remove themselves from the directory or correct and update information.

Does Telstra own White Pages?

White Pages Australia is part of the Sensis brand, owned in part by Telstra and in part by Platinum Equity. As a part of Telstra’s carrier licence conditions, the White Pages is required to produce an annual alphabetical public number directory.

How can I request a Telstra landline disconnection?

For security and privacy reasons you are unable to request a disconnection online. You will need to speak with our disconnections team via 13 22 00 directly. Just state ‘disconnection’ for the reason for the call. The team are available Monday – Friday between 8:00AM – 9:30PM AEST and on Saturday and Sunday between 8:00AM – 8:00PM AEST

Why does my Telstra home phone line stop working?

If you have ADSL broadband set up on your home phone service, your broadband service will stop working as your phone line needs to be active for your service to work If you have a second number attached to your home phone line, it will also stop working

How long does it take for Telstra to disconnect a fax?

HOWEVER, if you fax through proof of residency at that address (POD: Proof of Occupancy Documentation), then after some background checking, Telstra can then disconnect the service once they have determined that the previous customer has left the property. This process takes 48-72hrs from when the fax is received.

How can I Make my Telstra phone line silent?

Ring Telstra and request that they make your line silent. They will remove it from the online White Pages, but if its printed in the book, you’ll have to wait until next year for it to be removed. How often is the book printed?