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How do I plan a Cape York trip?

How do I plan a Cape York trip?

10 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Cape York

  1. Research your route.
  2. Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR)
  3. The Old Telegraph Track.
  4. Decide on your mode of transport.
  5. Camping, glamping or room hire?
  6. Plan your meals.
  7. Yes, there is fuel available!
  8. The best-hidden gems are off the beaten track.

What is the easiest route to Cape York?

The easiest way north to the top of Cape York is to take the Bypass roads from Bramwell Junction to the ferry across the wide and delightful Jardine River. But it is not the best way; I always tell people to go at least one way on their Cape York adventure, via the Old Telegraph Line (OTL) Track.

Can you get to Cape York without a 4WD?

4WD is essential and campers need to be fully self sufficient. There are several scenic campsites in the Park. From the Kalpower Crossing in Lakefield N.P. you can continue for a real adventure out to Cape Melville N.P. and great fishing spots at Bathurst Heads.

Can you do Cape York on your own?

Challenging though it might be, contrary to popular belief, Cape York is a trip that is accessible to everyone even four-wheel-driving novices like ourselves. You will certainly learn a lot on the way, and there are plenty of enthusiasts and experts along the way ready to help and share their wisdom with newbies.

How to plan a trip to Cape York?

When Planning a trip to Cape York, map out the best fuel stations and roadhouses along the way. Contrary to what Cape York horror stories will tell you, there are fuel stations and roadhouses stocking both petrol and diesel along the way (in fact, the longest distance between bowsers is 140km).

Where to stay in Cape York for free?

Most Cape York trips are done camping and all the free and paid spots are detailed in the Destination Guide. But there is accommodation so in case you wanted you can do your trip staying in lodges, resorts and roadhouses (basic dongas). These are also all listed in the Destination Guide. And finally there is the practical information.

What to do off road in Cape York?

Discover the best places to explore off-road in Cape York with detailed 4WD track guides such as the CREB Track, Old Telegraph Track, Frenchmans Track and more. Cape York offers a diverse range of highlights, with a number of iconic places and things to do to personalise your Cape York experience.

Which is the best part of Cape York?

The start of the track is pretty tame with just a single vehicle track cutting through the bush with a few washouts and rocky sections along the way. Once you hit Palm Creek, this is where the track really starts to get a bit gnarly. A steep entry and exit into the creek make things a bit tricky.