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How do I pay Illinois tolls by phone?

How do I pay Illinois tolls by phone?

Call 800-UC-IPASS (800-824-7277).

Can I pay my Illinois tolls online?

Drivers on the Illinois Tollway system are required to pay unpaid tolls online. Customers who do not have I-PASS are required to pay their missed tolls online within 14 days. Click below to learn how to pay your unpaid tolls online. If you have received an invoice, you may also pay the invoice directly with the link.

How do you pay for tolls in Illinois?

You can pay tolls on Illinois Tollway roads using an electronic I-PASS tag or with Cash. You can also pay later online if you pass through an unattended cash plaza or an all-electronic toll plaza. I-Pass allows you to save up to 50% on tolls. You have a 14-day grace period to pay unpaid tolls.

How do I pay Illinois tolls after 14 days?

For up to 14 days after you’ve traveled, you can now enter your vehicle and payment information into the Pay By Plate system. Our system will bill you the cash rate for your unpaid tolls, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ll avoid any fines and fees.

What happens if you pay the toll on the Illinois Tollway?

The unpaid toll may now become a violation. The Illinois Tollway grants a 7-day grace period. from the date of occurrence to receive payment. for your unpaid toll. „„Pay online at www.illinoistollway.com using our new. interactive map. Please print a copy of the confirmation page as. your receipt.

How much is the toll on Balmoral Road in Illinois?

Balmoral Road customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass will incur a $1.60 unpaid toll; I-57/147th St (Illinois 83) customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass will incur a $1.50 unpaid toll. Customers without I-PASS/EZ-Pass are responsible for paying the unpaid toll online or by mail within 7 days.

How many tolls can you buy with pay as you go?

You can purchase up to 10 tolls per toll road in one transaction. Pay & Go is toll road and vehicle specific. If you’re going to be frequently travelling on multiple toll roads or have more than one vehicle, an account may be your best option. . using the POLi payments service. Note: POLi is not available for business internet banking customers.

Is there a grace period on the Illinois Tollway?

In addition, our in-person Customer Service Centers and the Illinois Tollway Customer Call Center have closed until further notice. During this time, existing violations have been placed on hold, and grace period tolling has been extended. Customers should pay for missed tolls below to avoid future violations.

What happens if you don’t pay Illinois tolls?

When you miss a toll on the Illinois Tollway, you are expected to pay the toll online, within 14 days of travel. Failure to pay tolls can result in fines, fees and possible suspension of your license plate and/or your driver’s license.

How much is an unpaid toll violation Illinois?

Currently, a $20 fine is assessed for each unpaid toll if left unpaid. That penalty escalates by another $50 if the notice remains unpaid for an additional 60 days. For example, a single trip with five unpaid tolls could cost a passenger vehicle owner more than $100 plus toll costs.

How do you pay for toll roads in Illinois?

Do you have to pay tolls in Illinois right now?

The Illinois Tollway said it is permanently eliminating The Illinois Tollway said Thursday it is permanently eliminating cash toll collections almost a year after it took away the option because of the coronavirus pandemic.

What happens if you accidentally drive through a toll?

If you accidentally pass through a tolling location without paying the toll, you can make payment for the missed toll. If payment is not made for three tolls, a Toll Violation Invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle and substantial additional fees will be charged.

Can you pay tolls with a debit card Illinois?

Some Illinois toll roads accept cash. This means payments may be made by cash on those particular roads, although not all toll booths may be staffed at all hours. Some Illinois toll roads accept a credit or debit card for payment.

How can I drive around Chicago without paying tolls?

FastToll, a free tracking mobile app, can make your travel through Illinois’ toll roads an easier experience. FastToll allows motorists to drive through the open-road (I-Pass) tolls on Illinois Tollways without having to stop at tollbooths to pay the fare by cash.

Can your license be suspended for unpaid tolls in Illinois?

Tollway Violations/Evasions – A person’s driver’s license may be suspended for failure to satisfy fines or penalties for five or more toll violations or evasions. More information is available through the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

What happens if you don’t have money at a toll booth?

It is unlawful in NSW to fail to pay road tolls when due. If you do not pay your overdue toll notice/s you may be issued with an infringement notice from Revenue NSW (this will include an infringement notice charge of $190) or be referred to a Debt Collection Agency (DCA). …

What happens when you go through a toll booth without paying?

If you drive on a toll road and did not arrange payment before travel, or did not pay your toll within the required time, the vehicle’s registered owner will receive an unpaid toll notice from that toll road’s payment provider. The notice may also include additional administration fees.

What kind of transponder does the Illinois Tollway use?

I-Pass is the Illinois Tollway’s electronic transponder toll collection system that allows drivers to pre-pay their tolls. As of 2010, Tollway drivers use 3.3 million I-Pass transponders.

Where is the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway in Illinois?

The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway features an Illinois Tollway oasis in Belvidere, an over-highway oasis. This unique rest stop provides several vendors and allows tollway travelers to rest, refuel, and eat without having to exit the tollway.

Who is the toll road authority in Illinois?

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority ( ISTHA) is an administrative agency of the U.S. state of Illinois charged with building, operating, and maintaining toll roads in the state. The roads, as well as the authority itself, are sometimes referred to as the Illinois Tollway.

When did the Illinois Tollway website come out?

The Illinois Tollway website officially launched on September 1, 1997. The website includes online ordering of I-Pass transponders and managing I-Pass accounts. In 2009-2010, the website underwent a $4.4 million e-commerce overhaul.