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How do I identify my truck camper?

How do I identify my truck camper?

There is a unique number printed on the sticker, and the serial number is also on the Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) that you get with a new truck camper. That number is the only identification number assigned to your truck camper.

Are Eagle Cap campers 4 season?

FRAMELESS – GAS-FILLED THERMAL PANE WINDOWS! gas-filled thermal pane window meaning they are 4-season insulated and provide you 5 additional R-Values per window over a double pane and 8 more R-Values over a single pane used in other brands!

Is the Eagle Cap 811 a truck camper?

The Eagle Cap 811 is one of the most versatile truck campers on the market! The 811 is designed to fit short (6’+) or long bed (8′) trucks and still have the ability for the optional on board Cummins/Onan 2500 watt generator. The 1200 features above the bed rail floor design giving you the largest open floor space in any truck camper.

Is the Eagle Cap 850 a tow truck?

Greg: The Eagle Cap 850 is designed for the customer who wants to tow. As an 8’11” camper, it doesn’t have a large overhang allowing the owner to tow, in many cases, without an extension, or only a short extension. The Eagle Cap 850 also fits a long bed or short bed truck.

How tall is the 2015 Eagle Cap 850?

The 2015 Eagle Cap 850 is a hard side, single-slide, wet bath truck camper made for short or long bed trucks. The interior floor length of the 2015 Eagle Cap 850 is 8’11”, the interior height is 78” and the center of gravity is 40”.

How much does an Eagle Cap camper cost?

SALE PENDING: Truck & Camper – $87,500.00 – Available July – 2015 Eagle Cap 1165 Triple Slide & 2015 RAM 3500 Longhorn Crew Cab Diesel DuallyTruck & C… 2019 Eagle Cap 811EC fully loaded, fits a short bed AND long bed truck, with a 2500 watt LP generator, 2 propane tanks, electric jacks, slide, power a…