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How do I get a 30000 pension per month?

How do I get a 30000 pension per month?

The target to generate Rs 30,000 a month is achievable by investing in a mix of financial instruments. He should invest up to Rs 15 lakh in the Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (SCSS). It is the safest investment option for retirees and offers 8.6% per annum, payable quarterly.

How do I calculate my monthly pension?

So, upon applying the formula, (15000 * 35 / 70) = Rs. 7,500 per month is the maximum pension that one can earn through EPS.

What is HDFC Pension Plan?

HDFC Life Guaranteed Pension Plan is a non-participating deferred pension plan that offers assured benefit on death or at vesting. The product offers guaranteed additions that are added every year, and the lump sum vesting addition is payable at vesting.

What are the options in HDFC Life Pension Plan?

Wide range of annuity options to cater to your needs. Option to take the plan on a Single or Joint Life basis. Option to receive annuity monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Option of Return of Purchase Price on death. Choice of increasing your’e Annuity Payouts through Top Up option.

Which is the best retirement planning calculator for HDFC?

Calculate how much you need to grow your wealth to ensure a smooth and hassle free post retirement life with HDFC Retirement Planning calculator.

Is there a calculator for the National Pension Scheme?

National Pension Scheme (NPS) Calculator helps you to know the monthly pension and lump sum amount that you may get when you retire at the age of 60. NPS Calculator enables you to decide your monthly contribution towards NPS accordingly.

How does a pension calculator help you plan for retirement?

A retirement planning calculator requires basic inputs from you to determine the yearly allowance that will be required post-retirement. A pension calculator helps you draw a financial plan based on your target goal. Use our retirement calculator and save for the kind of retirement you have in mind. What is your current age?