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How do I fix blue screen code 50?

How do I fix blue screen code 50?

Blue Screen Error Code 50

  1. Method 1: Run Memory Diagnostics test to check for any memory problems.
  2. Method 2: Update the chipset, video card, display and network adapter drivers to the latest by visiting the computer manufacturer’s website.
  3. Method 3: Check to see if the issue occurs in safe mode.

What does this mean Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area?

The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA bug check has a value of 0x00000050. This indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced. Typically the memory address is wrong or the memory address is pointing at freed memory.

What is a BCCode?

BCCode: a 0x0000000A Cause. This bug check is issued if paged memory (or invalid memory) is accessed when the IRQL is too high. The error that generates this bug check usually occurs after the installation of a faulty device driver, system service, or BIOS.

How do I know if my RAM is faulty?

How to Test RAM With Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

  1. Search for “Windows Memory Diagnostic” in your start menu, and run the application.
  2. Select “Restart now and check for problems.” Windows will automatically restart, run the test and reboot back into Windows.
  3. Once restarted, wait for the result message.

When does bccode 50 occur in a computer?

The BCCode 50 usually occurs after the installation of faulty hardware or in the event of failure of installed hardware (usually related to defective RAM). Method 1: Run Memory Diagnostics test to check for any memory problems. Refer the below mentioned link for the same. Diagnosing memory problems on your computer

What does it mean to have blue screen bccode 50?

When Blue screen Bccode 50 appears, it is in the best interests of the user to fix the computer. Failure to fix blue screen means they can no longer access the data. Part 2: What is the cause of Blue screen Bccode 50? Blue screen Bccode 50 can have several causes because it results when the hardware is not in sync.

What does BCC stand for on Microsoft blue screen?

Such as the BCC and the other 4 entries on the lower left. And any other error information such as STOP codes and info such as IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and similar messages.

Is there a way to fix bccode 50?

Alternatively, users can choose to download and install software to fix Bccode 50. Repair software is a useful alternative for those who are not tech-savvy and cannot use the Windows repair tools. Reimage Repair Tool is an excellent software tool. It can be used to fix different problems besides the blue screen error, like lagging and freezing.