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How do I find project partners?

How do I find project partners?

Find a project partner

  1. 1) Check existing Project ideas and Organisation profiles.
  2. 2) Publish your own Project idea or Organisation profile.
  3. 3) Attend Partnering Events.
  4. 4) Get individual support for partner search.

How do I find partners for Horizon Europe?

Searching for research partners for your next EU projects under Horizon 2020 (H2020) can be quite time consuming, especially with limited time and resources….5 ways to find your Horizon 2020 project partner

  1. Core partners.
  2. Conferences & brokerage events.
  3. Be a project enthusiast.
  4. Tools.
  5. Personal relations.

Where can I find Erasmus partners?

Adult Education organisations can browse for partners or create their own listings through the EPALE partner search site, at https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/partner-search. Youth organisations can do the same though OTLAS, the partner finding tool on the SALTO youth site.

Who are the EU partners for European projects?

European partners are all those interested in European funding, trying to participate in European projects. In order to apply for a European call and to participate in a European project a partnership between several partners must be developed.

How to find partners for your project ideas?

To find partners for your project ideas, you can: Use the Partner Search function of the Funding & Tenders Portal. The function allows to: look for organisations which received funding in the past. create and check partner search requests by call/topic. Use Partner Search tools and services of third parties.

How are EU projects structured as a consortium?

EU projects are usually structured as a collaboration between a group of partners who share tasks and responsibilities. This means that finding the right partners and setting up the collaboration or Consortium is a key preparatory task.

Which is the partner search tool for H2020?

The partner search tool is dedicated to the project proposals to be submitted under the H2020 ‘Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” calls (Societal Challenge 4). The tool is developed by the H2020 National Contact Points network for Transport – ETNA Plus.