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How do I find my AOL contact list?

How do I find my AOL contact list?

Manage contacts in AOL Mail

  1. From your AOL Mail inbox, click Contacts in the left panel.
  2. Above your contacts list, click New Contact.
  3. Enter the details for your contact.
  4. Click Add Contact to save.

Does AOL have an address book?

Sign into your AOL account and go to your AOL mail box. In the Mail Options drop-down menu, select Address Book.

Where is address book in AOL Mail?

From the top menu bar, click Mail | select Address Book. 2. Select the contact you want to edit.

What are AOL email addresses?

Your AOL username is the unique identity that gives you access to services like AOL Mail or premium services. For AOL email addresses, your username is the first part of the email address before the @ symbol. For non-AOL email addresses, your username is the entire email address.

How to find someone’s AOL email address?

Use Google or your favorite search engine to look up someone’s name. Search the results to see if there’s an AOL address listed on a site.

  • See if you can find another email address for her other than her AOL address.
  • Look on any of the sites in your search results and see if there’s a contact link for the person.
  • An AOL email address gives you an email like [email protected], but you can also receive mail if someone messages [email protected]

    How do I create an AOL email address?

    How To Create AOL Email Account Visit the AOL homepage at www.aol.com. Navigate and locate Login/Join at the top-right of the AOL homepage. Select the “Get a Free Username” link. Type in your name, username and any other required information on the “Let’s create your account” form, and then select the “Sign Up” button.

    How do I Find my AOL address book?

    Visit the AOL Mail website and log in. Click “Contacts” in the list on the left side of the window to view your address book.