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How do I claim compensation for a delayed train?

How do I claim compensation for a delayed train?

You can claim compensation by visiting the train company’s website – most have online forms you can use. You’ll probably need to upload a picture of your ticket. You can write them a letter if you’d prefer. You’ll need to give details of your journey, and send your original tickets.

Can you get a refund on Trainline?

You can refund unused Anytime and Off-Peak tickets up to 28 days after the expiry of the ticket. If you already have your original tickets, you’ll need to return them to us, unused, before we can refund you and you’ll need to cover any costs to return your tickets to us.

How do I make a claim on the train line?

The easiest way to make a claim is online. In the policy confirmation email from ‘Trainline – Travel Insurance’ there is a link to the online claims journey. Alternatively, you can click here or call +44 (0) 1403 286 536 (Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00) or download a claim form from ERGO website by clicking here.

How to claim compensation for a delayed train?

For more information and to make a claim please visit Deutsche Bahn’s dedicated webpage to file your compensation claim and read about your rights as a passenger. If your train has been cancelled or delayed by more than 30 minutes you may be entitled to compensation under the Basic Travel Time Guarantee.

What do you mean by total compensation plan?

A compensation plan, also referred to as a “total compensation plan,” encompasses all of the compensatory components of a company’s strategy – employees’ wages, salaries, benefits and total

How can I compare train prices on Trainline?

We’ll automatically compare the prices of different tickets across all operators, so you don’t have to. Use the Trainline journey planner to plan and book your next trip or check our train timetables to ensure you catch your chosen train on the day of travel.

What are the terms and conditions of train line?

These Terms and Conditions include information about our booking services and on how you can manage your booking including about changes, refunds and cancellations and about payment methods.