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How do I check my Firefox version on Android?

How do I check my Firefox version on Android?

Check your version of Firefox

  1. Tap the menu button.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the About section and tap About Firefox. The version number will appear underneath the Firefox logo.

What is Firefox beta version?

Firefox Browser for Android is automatically private and incredibly fast. Thousands of online trackers are following you every day, collecting information about where you go online and slowing down your speed.

How do I find the version of Firefox on my phone?

Hello, In FF for android, tap the three bar icon at the top right of the screen. #then tap settings #then tap Mozilla #then tap about Firefox Under the word “Firefox” on the top left of the screen you should see the current version of FF that you are using. Hope this helps!

What is Firefox latest version number?

What’s the latest version of Firefox?

Release Edition Platform Version
Firefox Standard Release Desktop 91.0.2
Firefox Extended Support Release Desktop 91.0.1
Firefox iOS Mobile 36.0
Firefox Android Mobile 91.0

What is the latest Firefox Android version?

Android 81.0
Firefox for Android 81.0, See All New Features, Updates and Fixes.

What is the newest version of Firefox for Android?

In August 2020, Mozilla released a major update of Firefox for Android, version 79, which had been in development for more than 1 year with the codename “Firefox Daylight”. It was described by Mozilla as being “dramatically redesigned to be faster, easy to use, customizable and private”.

What’s the difference between Firefox and Firefox beta?

Firefox for android is just the regular, stable browser that is recommended. Firefox Beta for android is the next version of firefox that is in beta (still testing, but almost ready) stage and not ready for an official release because it has some kinks and fixes that might need to be made.

Which is the best version of Mozilla Firefox?

The Five Different Versions of Firefox

  1. Firefox. This is the standard version of Firefox that most people use.
  2. Firefox Nightly. Firefox Nightly is for active users who volunteer to test and report bugs.
  3. Firefox Beta.
  4. Firefox Developer Edition.
  5. Firefox Extended Support Release.

Is there a new version of Firefox?

The latest version of Firefox is 91.0. 1, which was released on August 17, 2021.

What has happened to Firefox for Android?

What’s happened is this: the last stable version of Firefox for Android was version 68, released in 2019. For over a year, Mozilla has been working on an overhaul of its browser in a project code-named Fenix. The browser has also adopted Mozilla’s GeckoView engine.